Solicitors Beaconsfield

For nearly 40 years, Duffy & Simon have represented the people of Beaconsfield in a wide range of civil and criminal matters. When it comes to legal representation, we focus on offering a service that is respectful, thorough, and effective. In matters of law, it is often difficult to strike an equilibrium where all parties are satisfied, so we have dedicated ourselves to finding alternative solutions to help achieve a balanced outcome. Our solicitors are some of the best in Australia, well versed in a wide range of legal areas and with extensive litigation experience.

Areas of Expertise

Duffy & Simon Lawyers are able to offer expert advice and representation in a wide range of legal and financial matters including:

Wills and Estates: Make legally binding arrangements that clearly represent your interests by having us draw up a will or power of attorney.

Real Estate: Make sure your next real estate investment is both sound and lucrative with the help of our extensive legal and financial advice.

Commercial: Let our solicitors help you make astute financial decisions and manage your affairs. 

Family: We can help you find the best legal outcome for your family in Beaconsfield.

Criminal: Receive quality representation that has your best interests at heart.

Finance: We will review your finances and tailor our financial advice to your specific situation, so you can be confident in making your next move.

Litigation: Our solicitors are some of Victoria’s premier litigators in civil matters and can help you with a wide range of matters.

Property and Conveyancing: Be confident in the purchase and transfer process of your property with our comprehensive conveyancing services.

TAC and Workcover: NO WIN NO FEE, Get the compensation you need and deserve with the help of our claims lawyers.

For more information on the services our solicitors offer in Beaconsfield and around Melbourne, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 5941 1622.